Kill the Kraken wins Best Spectacle at Come Out & Play!

James here!

After a great and tir­ing week­end in New York City, Kill the Kracken has won Best Spec­ta­cle at Come Out & Play!

play 3

All the mod­er­a­tors for the game are a bit sun crisped but every­one did an amaz­ing job help­ing to keep the game run­ning. Big thanks to the whole Come Out and Play team as well for host­ing such a great event! I will for sure try to make and sub­mit more field games in the future.


Kill the Kraken Rules Update!

As we’ll be show­ing off Kill the Kraken tomor­row at Come Out & Play, we’ve had to update the rules a bit. Feel free to come out to Governor’s Island in New York City tomor­row, Sat­ur­day July 19, and play!

Rules changes include:

  • Humans may pick up ammo from any­where, not just ammo bases.
  • Kraken only regains ten­ta­cles from flip­ping ammo bases.
  • Marsh­mal­lows may be replaced with rolled up socks.
  • Bas­ket on top of kraken pole may be replaced with net.
  • A ‘Begin­ning the game’ sec­tion has been added. This involves the humans lay­ing out the bases; and the Kraken choos­ing which side of the field it wishes to enter onto.




Game­Jolt just made their jam fea­ture pub­lic! How bet­ter to cel­e­brate then with a game jam: The ulti­mate game jam: the for­ever game jam! Not really for­ever, just 3 years. But I mean, 3 years is long enough.

It will start on July 17 at 12:00am (US East­ern time) and will run for three years, until July 17 12:00am.

3 year jam

The jam will be using the hash­tag #forever­jam on both Game­Jolt to mark games as well as on Twitter.

And here is a link to the jam page:


Kill the Kraken! Coming to a New York near you!

Kill the Kraken! has been accepted to the Come Out & Play Fes­ti­val in New York City!

The fes­ti­val will be a boat load of fun, and Kill the Kraken! should be pretty good too.

So if you hap­pen to be in New York City, say… around the 19th of July, you should stop by Governor’s Island to check out all the cool field games, and maybe Kill the Kraken! too.

Come Out & Play’s site:

Kill the Kraken!‘s page on Come Out & Play:


Two new games and a bit more on Bottle Rocket

James here!

And two more games have been released into the wild!

Runner 2014-06-18 03-41-54-92


The first is Rodent Queens Eat their Off­spring. Unlike Bot­tle Rock­ets, which hap­pened to fall nicely into both GameJolt’s #glitch­jam as well as the Women Are Too Hard to Ani­mate jam (#wath­ta­jam), I made this one pur­pose­fully for these two jams.
It also has won­der­ful music made by Jack Spin­oza!


Runner 2014-06-24 01-21-03-02


The sec­ond is Cat Herder. This is a silly one. I cre­ated it because I like the idea of a non-permanent win con­di­tion: you can win this game, but the “win­ning” requires con­stant upkeep. And kind of like Don’t Kill the Cow, it asks if win­ning this game is actu­ally worth it? (Cat herd­ing may be a lit­tle too blunt, but at least the mes­sage isn’t muddled).

This one fea­tures music and sounds by the tal­lented Joe Cox!

falling rocks3 2014-06-20 18-15-01-95


In addi­tion, two new tid­bits on Bot­tle Rock­ets are up! One from PC Gamer and one from Rock, Paper, Shot­gun! (the sec­ond is accom­pa­nied by Porpentine’s farewell let­ter from writ­ing for RPS)

“Bot­tle Rock­ets is a small, melan­choly mas­ter­piece.“
- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“oh hell, just play it already.“
PC Gamer

And pos­si­bly the best news is that Ben Sironko has been gra­ciously cre­at­ing an online friendly ver­sion of Bot­tle Rockets!